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Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur for Classy Flowers

Advanced Nutrients team and the Japanese engineering invented a breakthrough product called Connoisseur- the ultimate bloom fertilizer to get 40% more yield from your plants in a shorter time. Connoisseur is a 2-part liquid bloom fertilizer that produces larger, heavier flowers for your specific plants. The nutrient cocktail is a combination of the best ingredients from prime quality sources and technology that shows itself in the harvest.

Research tells us that Advanced Nutrients’ team of 12 doctorates has been working to find ways of improving the process of growing herb, grass and beneficial weeds. Days and days of scientifically confusing phenomena later, the final product was made available in a bottle of blessings to growers everywhere.

The fertilizer contains everything from necessary elements down to the very building blocks of life, which are all used in conjunction to achieve colorful flowers, bigger yields, stronger aromas and the maximum potential potency. It enhances plants’ abilities to absorb nutrients. What good are top quality ingredients if your plants cannot absorb them? Most growers still struggle to materialize truly large yields, even with perfect setups, because their plants aren’t getting the right nutrients, or they’re getting the right nutrients and aren’t able to properly absorb them. Unsurprisingly enough, enhancing the absorption capabilities of the plants increases the effectiveness your fertilizers. In order to maximize the core levels of your plants’ floral production and metabolism, Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur has the proprietary mix of floral growth activators. The amino acids in the mix are precursors for protein formation that encourage cellular metabolism, replication and further bloom processes.

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur contains the most effective, potent and proven ingredients, which makes it one of the best bloom fertilizers. Every single micro-nutrient added in Connoisseur is chelated; in less scientific terms, imagine having an army waiting behind a wall to get to the other side. The wall is blocking them. Bringing in more soldiers does not solve the problem. The wall needs to be taken down. In this analogy, your plants roots are the ‘other side’ and the soldiers are the nutrients. The wall is any other fertilizer. Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur gets rid of the wall. When the army of elements and plant food doesn’t have to cross a massive wall, you get the highest absorption ratio possible for your plants. If this isn’t enough, take the same scenario with the army. In a normal situation, even without a wall, as the army goes on stampeding through, it’s fair enough to assume that not only will some soldiers be lost in the rush, but several will lose sight of the main goal as well, and end up never reaching the other side. This is the idea of a pH problem. Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur makes the soldiers’ environment ideal to minimize any losses. The pH Perfect technology is revolutionary; watch your plants grow without having a pH meter anywhere in the vicinity. The nearest pH meter can be across the ocean, and your water out of the tap can be pH 4.5. It doesn’t matter; Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur will stabilize the pH – guaranteed.

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur pushes plants’ growth to deliver chunky yields and juicy cookies. Consider using AN’s Connoisseur today; watch the effect of your soldiers crossing the walls, united by a common goal, as your plants give you the bounty you’ve always wanted.

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