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Learn to Design Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic Gardening SuppliesHydroponics gardening is increasingly becoming popular and it has revolutionized the way people grow plants. Making your own hydroponic system is quite simple and can be fun if you follow certain simple instructions. So, let’s start building the hydroponics system to create a beautiful garden.

  • Before building hydroponics system, you need to decide on the size of the system and what type of plants you would need to grow with this system.
  • The essential items needed to make a hydroponics system include a fish tank pump and containers to place your plants and nutrient solution properly.
  • To prevent algae growth, you need to have a dark colored hydroponic nutrient reservoir with a lid.
  • One of the easiest ways to create a hydroponics garden is by using readymade seedlings from market or else you can grow the seeds yourself.
  • After cleaning the roots properly, place your plants in planting cup and add rockwool to hold the plant in place and in upright position. Growing media such as coconut coir, lava rocks, and perlite can also be used.
  • Use your fish tank pump to provide water and nutrients solution to the plants.
  • You can get the nutrients solution from any hydroponic store. Hydroponic nutrients feed your plants to make them healthy and strong.
  • Hydroponics garden need enough light to flourish in a proper way. For your indoor hydroponics system you need to use lights such as fluorescent, high powered sodium lights, and metal halide lights for best results.



Growing a hydroponics garden of your own not only helps to save money but also produce fresh and healthy crops. To get a better result from your hydroponics system, always try to maintain proper light, temperature, nutrients, and humidity level of your grow area.

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