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Best Soilless Medium For Germinating Seeds In Hydroponics

Germinating Seeds In Hydroponics

Germinating Seeds In Hydroponics

Hydroponics is an excellent way to grow plants indoors or outdoors sans soil. Once you have decided to grow your own hydroponic garden, the first step will involve the seeds germination. Germinating seeds in a hydroponic medium is always the best way to avoid many common pests and diseases. With this system, young seedlings get the appropriate nutrients right from the beginning and help to grow much healthier and stronger plants in the long run.

Soilless medium is a popular way to supply full nutritional support and give your plants proper drainage and aeration. While germinating, seeds require both oxygen and water and for that you need to choose your growing medium carefully. You need to decide on the growing medium that is best for germinating seeds. Rockwool, perlite, and vermiculite are porous and help to maintain proper drainage. However, rockwool makes an excellent growing medium for seed-starting in general hydroponics because they are easy to transplant. Rockwool is composed of 97% air and its porous quality helps to enhance root growth. To use rockwool cubes you need to soak them in a hydroponic nutrient solution for 24 hours and then drain them properly. You need to insert seeds into the cube holes and place it in the seedling tray. For plants like tomato, peppers, eggplants, basil, broccoli, and cabbage, use 2 seeds per cube and for herbs, 6-8 seeds per cube would be perfect. Perlite is also a good growing medium for germinating seeds because of its porousness. It is commonly used with vermiculite and helps to provide adequate oxygen to the plants roots. Seeds should be planted approximately one half to an inch down into the perlite. Some seeds prefer to grow in the dark, while others in the light and some need a warmer environment to sprout, so you need to place them according to their requirement.

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